MDL Past Contest's

Enjoy our dollmaking Memories ....(prior to 2018)

Winners and Great Photos

It has been many many years, since the minidollLIST was created (1999). We have proudly been online with the goal of helping anyone - anywhere - with any budget create miniature dolls.

Over the years, our diverse group of ladies and gents have provided countless hours of creation to showcase their dollmaking talents. Many of our earlier beginners have went into professional dollmaking careers, while others have turned into angels and watch our dollmaking from above.

On the contest pages you will see many different skill levels of dolls entered. The information will be defunct (such as offering items for sale etc), but the little characters - captured by the artists - remain here for your viewing pleasure.

There are literally 25+ more contests to upload and organize, which I will do as time permits. For now ... enjoy the dolls and HAPPY CREATING!



January 2018 (2" and under) - Doll's Dolls (Dolly, Teddy, Rag Doll)
Beginner and Regular Categories

A Class - Dolls
B Class- Teddybears
C Class - Rag Dolls


#1 - One photo must show a ruler next to your entry. This will not be used in the judging photo - just to verify the size before entering.

#2 - Send photo (ONE per class) to by January 28th for voting on January 29th

#3 - CLEARLY STATE what CLASS you are entering. Clearly state what CATEGORY (Beginner or Regular artist). Beginners are defined by dollmaking under ONE YEAR.

#4 - ANY medium maybe used in any of the classes (i.e. material, fimo, porcelain, resin etc)