Glued Quilt


How to GLUE a quilt

artsy quilt

Greetings and good evening everyone!  As promised ... here is your glued crazy quilt tutorial.  Our little project here turned out to be so much fun (and yes read in TIME CONSUMING) that I needed a full extra day - JUST for the quilt!  It really made sense to me when I came upon the sewing machine accessory.


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1.  Find a small quilting frame and and old bedsheet.  This material is flexible and soft (having been washed) but still firm enough to hold the glue.  JUST make sure all cottons are 100% cotton!
2.  Draw on a 6" square.
3.  Find 5 matching pieces of calico.  This is all I used.  Cut material in interesting shapes. Glue the first one in middle of quilt.






Next (with right sides together) glue one edge of material to another.  When dry, fold back.  This gives you a nice finished edge.  Repeat the entire width of the quilt.  (by the way - this sounds EASY but literally took me a whole day).
**HINT** play around with the tonal values before gluing pieces down permanently!





When your quilt is entirely covered with the crazy scraps of material ... simply glue one long strip to each side edge and wrap around to back (wrong) side and glue.  Then cut one final piece to fit over both ends.
NOW comes the fun part!  Glue on tiny ric rac or braid or lace or anything you desire.  Remember this is a crazy quilt - so you can make all kinds of *faux* stitches, lace, flowers, beads as long as its in scale!




Now arrange over lap of doll or however you wish to drape, pin in place.  Then spray quilt with fabric stiffner --- JUST damp enough to loosen up the glue and let the quilt (remember in real life this is a heavy thick piece) dry.  OR you can do this quickly with a hairdryer.

**HINTS** if you blow with a blow dryer ... it tends to blow the material around a bit more --- BUT the glue doesn't loosen up from the seams as easily.