September's Masquerade Ball

Sunday Email Photo Contest thru the dollpix list

Edwardian Costume Winners.....

Cindy Gates

Winner in the Advanced Category - CINDY GATES

Winner in the Intermediate Category - Margariet van der Zee
“I wanted to make this dress for a long time and the white wig was also on my “want to try”list. So when I found the right fabric, it all came together and this beautiful lady just grew under my hands! The wigging was by a tutorial of Dana and it was so much fun to make!!!”


Winner in the Beginner Category - Christa Chayata

**Christa's notes ..... Thanks  to this great group of people that helped inspire me .I have made this doll. I have been a member for 8 months. The doll  was sculped by myself from premium clay, and the dress my owne design .because I love mystery - I added the mask.

Congrats to the 3 winners ... you will be sent a special surprise from our sponsor (she already sent box to me - and I'll be sending out from my address)! AND thank you to everyone that entered this fun list event!!