Lot #21

Snob Row - prime property in Chrystal Lake Section and likes cats

Quilting info

Mia Oww here and I'm about to tell you my lazy way of making my quilt. I got
many ideas from Jazzy and CAT but found my own lazy way of getting the job done.
I don't have time to be fiddling with these things as my kitties need lots of
attention with their combing, feeding and my running around with string toys.

I wanted a 6x6 quilt for my kitties so I first cut a square of white cotton
fabric 7x7" and drew a 6x6" square in the middle of it with a pencil. Then I
drew in 1" squares inside of that so I would have 6 one inch squares across and
up & down.

I cut a 1" square of cardboard to make a template. Lucie gave me some of her
left over fabric from the quilt swap which she had fused onto some two sided
fusible interfacing. I cut a bunch of 1" squares out of this using the cardboard
square as a guide. I stuck them on every other square of the white cotton
fabric. I have a nice kitty paper punch made of metal that I punched out kitties
(some facing right, some facing left) from the fused fabric and stuck them on
the plain white squares. You have to press REAL hard to get those kitties out! Then I ironed the squares and cats down permanently.

I cut a backing from a blue print fabric and some wool quilt batting (to make it
puffy for my kitties) in a 7x7 square. I stacked the three layers on each other
as I wanted it to look finished - 7x7 blue print fabric facing down, batting,
then cat/sqares on top facing up.

My Bernina sewing machine has a neat little feather stitching design. I shrunk
it down a bit and sewed rows and rows of the squares together in a pretty blue

To finish the edges I cut most of the white cotton and batting off of the edge
and folded the blue print over itself twice and then sewed that down with the
feather stitch also.

I took a quilt marker and added details to the kitties and signed my name
proudly on a front block for the whole world to see!

Taaa Daaa! My kitties wasted no time in breaking the quilt in.

If these directions don't make any sense to you just give me a holler.

Mia Oww =^..^=





I wasn't sure if I was going to get along with my new neighbor, Jezibell
Worthington. After all....she has a DOG!!! Named "Miss T" of all things! Of
course for a dog the "T" stands for "trouble" whereas the "T" for my sweet "Miss
T" stands for "Terrific"! After all, she IS a cat. Now that my kitties have put
the "other" Miss T in its place we have gotten along very well.

Jazzy (as she like to be called) is actually quite clever at sewing and making
quilts and is teaching a class at Catriona (Cat) Quimby's new quilt shop "Quilts
by CAT-titiudes". The best part?......NO DOGS ALLOWED!!. Now I have never made a quilt before but had a need of finding a new soft place for my babies to sleep on. Jazzy gave me many ideas for my quilt and I am quite proud of the finished project as it came out purr-fect! (If I do say so myself). And all my kitties

Mia Oww  =^..^=
Lot #21

Mia Oww by Lucie Winsky

The resident at Lot #21 is a grand dame who loves her kitties. Her name is “Mia Oww” and she is a widow who is looking for a new man with the purrfect qualities that any cat lover could hope for. Her last husband was a dream come true. His name was “Felix” and he had thick black hair with just a dab of white on the temples. He reminded her of one of her favorite tuxedo kitties. He seemed to like Mia’s cats but one unfortunate day he remarked that he might not mind having a dog! Soon after, poor Felix passed away under mysterious circumstances. Such a catastrophe might have seemed to upset Mia but she seemed to accept Felix’s fate with a calm that needless to say upset Felix’s family.

One of Mia’s favorite hobbies is playing the organ. Her new organ has a wonderful instrument sound that sounds just like a cat meowing. As her hearing is not as sharp as it used to be (unless someone is whispering about her behind her back), she likes to play her organ very loud. The other park residents would love to tell her to tone it down but they are all a bit intimidated by her.

Pie contest

Mia Oww baked a key lime pie just for the contest. A little cat hair adds to the flavor as everyone knows the saying "Everything tastes better with cat hair in it".


It may surprise some of you to find out that Mia Oww's latest pet is NOT a cat!
As she was feeding her hoard of kitties she noticed one little black and white
head bobbing up and down amongst her kitties. He was black and white and
reminded her so much of her late hubby Felix that she had to name him Felix 2
after him (as she already has a Felix kitty) and allow him to stay albeit not in
the trailer.


Now here we see that Rudy has a REAL reason to cry! He is a pesky kid who lives
in the the Good Times Trailer Park. I keep chasing him out of my yard but he
insists on playing with one of my kitties. I warned him over and over that
Ripper does NOT like to be held! (Pic to Picture List)




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