RAK Club

The universe is one of careful balance. What you send out always finds a way back.

2018 RAKS & Mentors

Tammy S (US) - tammyshoup959@msn.com - (Joyce M mentor)
Dotte W (US) - dwilbanks@cccomm.net - (Irene S mentor)

Wilma K (Australia) - wilmak47@hotmail.com - (Marianne mentor)
Diana F (Netherlands) - diana.fuchten@hotmail.nl - (Lianda mentor)
Linda L (England) - linda.royle1@btinternet.com - (Pat mentor)
Shelly HY (Canada) - shellyhawleyyan@gmail.com - (Kim mentor)

The list sponsors the 6x a year RAK boxes. Dana sponsors the dolls in each rak box. Members are needed to help support the rak boxes with little extra's from your stash. Please - only NATURAL cottons, laces, silks, silk ribbon, viscose we need BATISTE!!!

You can send all items directly to DANA (dana@miniatureart.com) to divide up between boxes.

Shipping Schedule

Dec lst - for the January/Feb box. This will be a special box to get you started. The bulk of supplies will be in the next shipping (March/April box) as the RAK supplies come in.

Jan/Feb (sent out 2/21/2018)


1. Make a doll every two months - and show me a photo to receive the next box. IF you miss the shipping deadline (as in don't make a doll), you will have to wait until the next round of shipping.

2. Once you miss two doll creations, you are off the RAK list.

3. Your mentors will contact you a few times a month - and be personal cheerleaders. All of these ladies have had experience in dollmaking - and can be a valuable asset!

4. Promote the MDL. Once a month - post on Facebook, or post a doll photo you made etc. The goal of MDL (minidollLIST) is to help anyone - anywhere create miniature dolls.

OPTIONAL - it would be wonderful if you could participate in a few of the dollmaking contests on the list during the year. The girls see photos - and will send more RAK supplies if they see them being used!