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Make a Present/Enter a contest


Greetings everyone! Are you excited for the upcoming holidays --- but its JUST a bit too early to start?

WELL I have great news! The last contest of the year for MDL (minidollLIST) is our Treasured Teacup Challenge!

To enter, simply design a doll in a teacup, send DANA the photo (with a little backstory)
by December 30th.

THEN you can give your pretty creation as a gift! WIN WIN!!

SAMPLE ENTRY PHOTO ... my moonlit Secret Garden with Indie Violet




November Moderator Prizes

5 lucky November moderators (Marianne A, Shelly HY, Conni H, Gloria H and Lynn B) have won the Indie Violet doll/material kit used in the tutorial. Winners provide their own teacup, flower and accessories of course.

Next sign up - (for January) held the end of December. You could win simply by being a chearleader for 20 minutes on one day of the month.


We are going into our 21st year of ... RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) program ... and to help raise postage funds for our group - I am holding a drawing for the original INDIE VIOLET and the hand crochet bear by Cheryl Polito (see photo above).

Each $1 donation - will purchase you one ticket for drawing. The winner will be selected this coming Monday. The paypal address to use is (3 L's in address)

***PLEASE PLEASE note that it is against the rules on paypal to hold a raffle.
So simply put donation in notes. $1 = one ticket and entire proceeds goes towards 2020's RAK postage fund. THANK YOU ... a pay it forward program in our 21st year!

Contest Info


A) Fantasy Teacup (Faries, Mermaids, Goth)
B) INDIE VIOLET inspired Teacup (Secret Garden inspired)
C) Holiday theme Teacup (Christmas babies, elves, valentine cupids, Easter Bunny)
D) Other (anything else that doesn't fit in above categories)


1. Each entry must have a doll and a teacup, use ANY doll/Teacup you desire in 1:12 scale.
2. Entry is judged by entire setting.
3. Dec 30th, the photos will be uploaded to a live poll (contest) just like the witch contest on my website so everyone has a vote.
4. Prizes will be awarded

INDIE VIOLET Tutorial and Pattern

To get you started, you can download the GRATIS online tutorial and pattern from my website,

CLICK LEARN from upper right tab, select FILES and you will see all kinds of pretty tutorials you can download with my blessing. Please share with your friends and clubs if you wish - but do so by the link .... Our goal is to SHARE our hobby and this is one way to achieve it.

ENJOY ... and as always ...

PS ... if you wish to use the gorgeous Violet embroidered silk taffeta material (and your own doll) buy it here ...