Virtual Cinderella Ball

Valentines Online Party - thank you to Moonyeen and Marilyn P for your efforts!!!!



WINNER –  #1  Jean Harrington
SECOND -  #2  Renaissance Le Corbeau
WINNER - #3-3B-Dianne Collette
SECOND  - #8-8B-Marilyn Hughes
THIRD    - #1-1B-Marlene Van Horn
WINNER  - #5-Tammy Shoup
SECOND  -  #6-6B-Angela Haworth
THIRD     - #2-2B-Trisha Seith
WINNER   -  #7-7B-Annemarie Kwikkel
SECOND   -  #1 -1B-Morena Ciambra
THIRD     -  #5-5B-Debbie Dixon-Paver
BONUS – Romantic Hair Styles
WINNER  -  #11-Debra Dixon-Paver
SECOND   -  #10-Marilyn Hughes
THIRD    -   #8-Dianne Collette


Photos of the Winners in each Category: We would like to congradulate everyone that entered this fun event .... it was a learning curve for participants and staff as well! Due to time constraints, only the lst place winners in each division will be listed below.

Jean in Essex, UK created this doll as her very first kit and wigging! She likes to sew and her dress is made of white silk that has been dip dyed in deep pink.

Jean has won the beginner division in contest.


Dianne Collette used Stacy Hoffman's mold and Dana's Marie Antoinette pattern to make her Cinderella. She was a commissioned doll for a Georgian Ball. Dianne used no hole gold beads and rhinestones for her necklace.

Winner of Intermediate Division

Dianne ballgown

Tammy Shoup is the proud winner of the Advanced category.

She used the original Grace pattern by Dana, then modified it to suit her needs. Note the pretty metallic lace in the sleeves.


AnneMarie won the professional category with her *Natacia* entry.

Her doll was sculpted out of polymer clay, and inspired by the paintings of Winterhalter.


Debbie Dixon-Paver won most Romantic Hair division.

Debbie said that *sadly her entry had no fairy tail ending. Last week (2/12) marked the anniversary of the beheading of Lady Jane Grey in 1554. Deb decided to pay tribute to what she may have looked like during her brief reign.

deb cinderella