Camelot Characters


Please remember that only UNDERLINED names
are finished with webpages.

Annilee T (Wizard)

Carrie L (Ealasaid)

Carol L (noble person)

Charlotte I

Connie W (Agnetta)

Deb L (Silk Merchant and Vendor)

Jane L (Ilythyria Merlara)

Jean P (Lord and Lady of Camelot)

Jennifer S - (Lady Genavieve)

Joanne M (Elf Maiden)

Karen K (Royal Queen - Nissa)

Leanne B (Amata)

-Linda L (Melisendra and Aelizia)

Lynn B (Lady Enid)

Karin L (Aurora)

Kim C (Merlin)

Leah Bird Cotton (Duchess Juliana)

Marg L (Peridot)

Marlene V (milady)

Mari SW - (Mari and Willow)

Marilyn H (Cook)

Michelle G (Rumpelstilskin)

Nell P - (Morgana)

Robert (Richard Lockwood)

Suzi M (SPDA Society for the Preventon of Dragon Abuse)

Tammy S (peasant or serving girl)

Tamra B (Isabela)

Terry from CT (Young queen Eliz)

To (Medieval lady & her horse)