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Here’s how it will work...

The deadline is Feb 8, 2019, Midnight Central USA time zone.
You email a single photo of your project PRIVATELY to Kathi or Debbie.

This is separate from any photos for Dana for the April Candy how-to article in “American Miniaturist” Magazine.

You include in the email which one of the following categories you are entering (see categories below).

ONE entry per person, please. If you are unsure which category it fits, email one of us. We’ll confer and decide.

Entry photos will be uploaded by Administrators and you can view them ONLINE in the Groups IO Photos, in special category albums, after the deadline has closed. Then you vote in the polls that will be created at that time. Polls will be open for approximately 3 days.

Category 1:
  Prize- Beautiful 1:12 scale Armoire donated by Kathi Mendenhall
Category 1 Description: Best depiction of the 50’s Glam room box project having used the closet kit or combo kit from This category is for the people who made the closet and furnished it in a room box which includes any pre-made box or other container of their choosing. In other words, you did not have to build Kathi’s box using her instructions, but you do need to use the closet concept in the 50’s Glam theme. You can accessorize it or change up the colors and personalize it your own way.
Including a doll in the setting is optional- you can have Candy or another doll or a mannequin of your choosing, but it’s not required.

Category 2:
  Prize- $50 Gift Certificate to donated by Debbie Jones.
Category 2 Description:     “I did it my way.”  Best depiction of a 50’s Glam theme, using your own setting & furnishings, and not limited to the use of our closet or combo kit. Doll or mannequin in setting is optional. 
Category 3: Prize- Ballet Shoe Mannequin sculpted by Kathi Mendenhall, and Jewelry Bust.

Category 3 Description:
   This category is for a smaller vignette with a dressed mannequin or doll of your choice in the 50’s glam theme. It should be a complete display on a block of wood, a bookend, or something similar- a smaller vignette.  It should include a dressed mannequin or doll and some accessories.
SPECIAL Category 4: Judge’s Choice Award     A secret prize donated by Kathi Mendenhal (It’s awesome!)
Category 4 Description: This one is NOT voted on in the polls and photos will be uploaded to a special album on the Groups IO site for viewing after the prize is awarded. 
Kathi has a special prize to be awarded for an entry where you used our closet kit but “did your own thing”. Any theme goes, not 1950’s Glam. If you did something you think does not fit into any of the above categories, this might be the one. You have no idea what the judge is looking for, but it night just be it!.     

Email me or Kathi if you have any questions.  I'll be posting photos of the prizes shortly.
Debbie Jones, MinidollLIST Groups IO Admin