JIL Weisz

HORSE, Harness and WAGON

GYPSY WAGON & Horse/Harness

by JIL
Email: jilweisz@gmail.com - or text 920 400 9598 

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Create your own beautiful Gypsy wagon with our 2018 GYPSY wagon kit. All the wood pieces, decoration, and wagon parts shown ..... are included in kit.

You can easily assemble this kit - cutting wood with scissors or large toe nail clipper, using Aileens Original Tacky Glue.

Next paint, decorate and design as your individual (gypsy muse) tells you <G>- using basic acrylic paints. We send you a color swatch (if you wish to match our paints exactly).

The Gypsy wagon roof is wood (which you can leave) ... or just a base so that you can custom paint the canvas top (historically correct) and lay on top. Top comes off for easy interior decoration.
Wagon is 12" long, 6" wide, and 8" tall roughly. Wagon is a traditional "roulette", which will feature a crescent moon theme, front porch, Ooak  fancy wheels, front door, 2 windows, a " round moon" shape back window, traditional Ric rack and steps.
Wagon will be empty inside so you can custom make your own interior. Wagon roof top will come off for easy access to inside.

 "Romeo" the black Gypsy Varner horse is specialty made with long tail, mane and sculpted hair on feet. An appropriate harness kit will be added, this can be glued on or taken off.

Cost: (3 options)
1. Unassembled Wagon kit/finished painted gypsy horse (painted by Jil ) and horse harness kit cost is $250

2. Unassembled Gypsy wagon kit / tutorial is available for $175.

3. Gypsy horse alone available for $100.