2019 Witch Beauty Contest

MDL Members


Greetings and welcome to the 2019 WITCH Beauty Contest
on the minidollLIST IO group and Facebook group!

There are 3 Categories - see left column.
You may enter ONE witch per category - for a total of 3 entries.

Prizes will be given out in each category.


#1 - Make a witch, take a photo and send it to Dana@Danaburton.com the last weekend (27th) in October (please not before - I will be in Europe).

#2 - IF you want to enter the special Distressed Challenge
email JILweisz@gmail.com
for last packs of distressed material - only $7 plus shipping.

#3 - CONTEST REVEAL on HALLOWEEN - October 31st!
Lets see who is the WITCHIEST of all <G>.

Please NOTE!!!
-You can use ANY doll, ANY MATERIALS for Category A or C.
-YOU must use the random distressed material packet
to enter the challenge/category B.
Jil volunteered to make up/dye/distress pretty materials
at very little cost - so everyone could enter.


PAST ENTRIES for inspiration ...

Fantastic enteries from 2014!!!


1. DEADLINE for photo entries is OCTOBER 27th (NO EARLY photos please!)
2. EMAIL photo of your entry to DANA@Danaburton.com
3. CLEARLY specify your Category entered in email/photo