2009 Michigan Museum Exhibit

THANK YOU to Tammy Shoup for being our project leader!

Photos of our entrants for this exhibit

one of our fantastic staff members, Tammy Shoup, has coordinated a group exhibit at the Michigan museum for the 2nd year in a row. Below are some of our group members photos.

This is my Victorian vampire lady. She didn't give me a name, and as you can see, she's a bit cranky (hungry, maybe?) so I didn't ask.
My inspiration was the HBO vampire series True Blood.
I sculpted her from Cernit and painted her with acrylics. I dressed and wigged her as well. I enjoyed making her even after breaking a fang off three times; it's been a fun project, and I hope she likes her new home at the museum.
Jan entry This entry is by Jan from Vintage Miniatures in Florida.

Raecy is Dana's submission for the Michigan museum exhibit 2009.

The doll was inspired by a romance novel of an immortal seer and her love of lavish materials from decades past, but the sexiness of today's fashions.

Raecy doll is a mold by Stacy Hoffman.

Doll painted, dressed, wigged by Dana.

Raecy is wearing a yoked, backless turtleneck midi top, with long train, bustle (mini skirt in front). And holding her magic chrystal ball.

Dana of MiniatureART.com

Val face
Val Monroe's entry
Bev R Bev Roberts trick or treator doll
Bev R2 Bev Robertson's museum entrant.
Chris V museum
Little Esmeralda hopes that she gets some good stuff trick-or-treating this year, like frosted eyeballs instead of those crummy chocolate bars!
By Chris Verstraete, http://cverstraete.com

Nancy C

original sculpt, limited edition cast in resin by Nancy Cronin

Nancy c 2


Patty C

Adorable original sculpt by Patty Caster


Lianda 2009 museum

Lianda Sutherlands fabulous sculpture ... can you see all the hidden treasures?